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Caitlin’s Kickstart Award is a UK Shropshire-based charity, founded in 2001. We give financial help to Ludlow College applicants in their first year of further/higher education. The present Award is a gift of £1,000 to winners and £100 to each runner-up. The Award is not available for a gap year.  
Ian Barge, Gemma Moore, Linda Hurcombe, Peter Hayter
Joel Stone, Linda Hurcombe, Gemma Moore

As of 2018 we have gifted over £55,000. 2018’s awards alone totalled £3,600. Sally Lancaster received £1,000 as recipient of CKA’s Mary Hayter Memorial Award. Joel Stone was awarded £1,000 as the winner of the Amanda Brisbane Memorial Prize. Gemma Moore is the winner of the original CKA and received £1,000. The six runners-up received £100 each.

In 2014, CKA established two new Awards: The Mary Hayter Memorial Award is offered nationally to students with a disability who are engaged in full or part time education and who would benefit from a cash grant to to help with project-related expenses. The first recipient of the Mary Hayter Award of £1,000 is Imogen Godwin, who required a Braille-dedicated computer for her course work. Applicants are invited to apply personally. You may also nominate a candidate for this Award.

The Amanda Brisbane Memorial Prize for Outstanding Achievement is an occasional award offered to applicants/recipients/supporters past and present of Caitlin’s Kickstart Award who have been seen to realise their dreams in their chosen endeavour. Applicants are invited to apply personally. You may also nominate candidates for this Award. The first CKA Outstanding Achievement Award of £1,000 went to Sophie Hayter.

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