Caitlin’s Kickstart Award 2017

Certificates of Appreciation [£100]
James Abel
Jessica Bemand
Phoebe Granger

Joint Runners-up [£500]
Samantha Bellamy
Amy Goode
Rory Naylor

Winner [£1,000]
Phillip Evans


Below displayed are Phillip, Phoebe, James, Rory & Samantha

“Thank you very much for all the support  you and the rest of the CKA team give for us students at Ludlow College…I look forward to telling you of my achievements at Birmingham Conservatoire with my composing.” – James Abel

“The extra support you are giving students is such a lovely thing to do and can make the world of difference when achieving goals. I look forward to letting you know how my studies are going at Aberyswyth University! Thank you very much!” – Jessica Bemand

“The award is incredibly generous and I can’t wait to use it to get stuck in to all the opportunities university will throw at me. Money should not be a barrier to achieving your full potential; CKA recognises this as well as giving all of its recipients a boost of self-belief that everyone needs once in a while- especially when a big change like university is coming! Thank you!” – Rory Naylor

“In being granted Caitlin’s Kickstart Award, something that I am incredibly thankful for and respect the work and support that has gone into it, I have been able to make my dream of moving up to Manchester to study Psychology a reality, with the ambition of working in mental health support.” – Phillip Evans